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Denpasar Selatan, Bali, Indonesia


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Our Bali Villa is our cozy "escape from Hong Kong". It is a vacation house for us and we hope and trust it will also create great experiences for you when we are not occupying the place.The villa features 2 bedrooms that opens up to the patio, the garden and the pool. There are also two extra (kids) bedrooms which are cleverly designed so that kids cannot reach pool on their own.There are also 2 full NEW bathrooms with plenty of resting area that brings you the peacefulness of Bali. Amazing bathtubs have been installed for relaxing pleasure.There's also a private pool with sun deck to let you enjoy the sun in Bali. The pool has a removable gate for people with young children. (An AMAZINGLY comforting thing I can tell as a dad of two young daughters!)We have great staff taking care of you, and mending the gardens as well as our pool. Our neighbor is our "Residence Manager" and she is always there to organize things for our guests; tips and any other matters that may arise. (She is a jewelry designer so she might even show you her beautiful designs!)The house has been decorated for and by ourselves so not for professional rental. People has said many times "it feels like home" and so we hope it will make you feel like home too.

Sanur is a wonderful place in Bali. From the house it is 3 minutes walk to the center of Sanur with very nice restaurants, shops and supermarkets. Sanur is famous for its beautiful coastline and beach and is only an 8 minute stroll from the house.

You have access to the whole house, grounds including swimming pool, garage.I will interact with guests by messaging on MyTwinPlace and/or direct and we have a Residence Manager on site that will take care of you at all times.

Sanur and Sanur Beach is just an amazing part of Bali. Called "Snore" sometimes by people that prefer hipper places in Bali my opinion is that Sanur is still " true Bali but with modern restaurants mixed in with local. Modern supermarkets mixed with local stores. Very friendly people, no heckling annoying sales people, just friendly, happy and welcoming people. Sanur Beach is beautiful, clean and has a friendly sea to swim in with a reef 2 Km out of shore which makes the water safe to swim for all ages. Sanur Beach also has an amazing beach walkway all along the Sanur coast line. You should certainly go there with sunrise...you won't be sorry you got up early!

Many nice restaurants and places for coffee or drinks along this beach walkway as well.Taxi's are the best...and Bluebird Taxi is our choice of "brand". Telephone number is at the house and they know our villa address for pickup when you mention telephone number. Drives short or long are welcome.You can rent bicycles and motorbikes just close by in Sanur if you would want to.

For people with young children our removable pool fence just makes their holiday better! We have two young daughters and since we have the fence, holidays become so much better. The peace of mind from that is highly underestimated!

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