GOLD COUNTRY: Snow, Lakes, Rivers

Colfax, California, United States


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THIS is a 2+ bedroom, 2 bath home, on 3.74 oak covered acres! Basic use includes only ONE bedroom and the rest of the whole house including ONE bath.

WE are about 10 minutes from highway 80. Chains are almost never required, but we are close to serious snow when it's available.

OUR driveway, (a quarter mile long) comes off the main road which leads right to the Bear River!

OUR Cabin is surround by gardens with an extraordinarily long growing season, which are being restored to their pre-rental glory. Inside, we have a moderately open floor plan and a very relaxed rustic country feel. An arch opens from the great room, to a library/movie room. A bison rug* adds to our cabin's atmosphere.

SHARE our Master bedroom, if you have more than 4 in your group. Just ask!

THE enclosed sleeping porch two twin beds, is available for a second or third bedroom, to accommodate a larger party.

OUR wood burning stove is located in the great room, it provides cozy and romantic winter warmth and is our primary heat when needed.

DINE in the separate dining room or large kitchen nook. We have seating for up to ten.

BARBECUE on our charcoal grill- it creates juicier, more flavorful food than a gas grill It only takes a very few minutes to fire it up with our coal tower, (with no chemicals). We have plenty of mesquite charcoal and paper to start it.

COOK in the large full kitchen with a gas range if you prefer. Basic spices and supplies are available to you. We have two small fridges. Jerry may cook if present. (We also have a "Cabinette" where we stay if our presence overlaps.) We both travel a lot.

WE offer access to our entire property, except the locked Master bath, the "Cabinette" and the Tuff shed in the back yard.

WE will most likely not be present, so please make sure you have our cell phone numbers before you leave home.

IF we are on site, in the Cabinette, you may see us on or about the property. We can provide you breakfast when home.

If you are here to conduct a house hunt, Jamie is a REALTOR®. Jerry is a NOTARY

COLFAX is in the very important Californian "Gold Country" of the Sierra Foothills. Roughly equidistant between Sacramento and Truckee (40 minutes) we are about 20 minutes from Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Rollins Lake and the American River.

OUT AND ABOUT: PANNING FOR GOLD: Bear River and American River are famous as productive locations for the hand panning of gold!

RAFTING: American River is across Highway 80 and has great water activities. "The Colfax-Iowa Hill Bridge to Ponderosa Way Bridge" run is a favorite for California rafters and kayakers. 9.5 miles contains steep drops and boulder slaloms. See: American River Rafting website.

KAYAKING: River or lake.

SKIING: Sugar Bowl, and Boreal are closest. Northstar, Squaw, Alpine Meadows, and Incline, are within about an hour. Northstar has free lessons for level 6+. Hardcore skiers will go to Squaw, Alpine or Sugar Bowl.

FISHING/FLYFISHING can vary dramatically according to the season. Try Rollins Lake, and both rivers plus Stampede/Bocca Reservoir, (just past Truckee) has Kokanee salmon, brown, mackinaw, and rainbow trout. see: CaliforniaGreatLakes.

CELEBRATING: Downtown Colfax offers old town celebrations! Home to the Fire and Iron Festival, (with a little burner feel) and a fabulous July 3rd Celebration among many others!

ARTS: The Colfax Theater is re-opening soon, hosting movies, live theater as well as musicians, plus they boast the largest dance floor in northern California.

EATERIES: Dining is great at most every spot we have tried. Sandwiches from the grocery store are fantastic. Pizza by the market in town is among the best we have ever had in the traditional style. Pizzaiolo is phenomenal for a lighter oven fired style. The Greek restaurant has awesome gyros. Try Dine and Dash, but you stay to relax!

SHOPPING: Quaint stores dot the main streets in Colfax, Auburn, Grass Valley and Nevada City, and the latter three have mainstream businesses, too.

HIKING: MVTrails states "The Stevens Trail is one of the most scenic and accessible trails in our area. Originally built as a toll road for pack mules between Colfax and the gold fields of Iowa Hill, it slopes gently downhill for about 3.6 miles to the confluence of Secret Ravine and the North Fork of the American River."

TRAIN: There are trains in and out of Colfax towards Sacramento and Reno.


GAMES: There are games, and playing cards, plus surround sound for your rented movies and TV series. We have about 30 movies. Streaming movies is not very effective at this time.

WALK: Our oak covered hills take a while to walk, featuring deer, turkey, and fox, cutting through the property. Gentle slopes might allow you to spy raccon, coyote or skunk! (Don't feed them!)

RELAX: sip your coffee or a glass of wine on the deck! Keep an eye out for those deer and other wildlife! The yard and grounds include a chicken coop, enclosed vegetable garden and green house.

BIRDWATCH: SierraFoothillsAudubon lists dozens of birds in our area.

WILD FRUIT PICKING: Blackberries abound in the summer Pick away! Try wild cherries, if you can beat the birds to them! Wild grapes, too, if you are ambitious!

WIFI: many places in town offer wifi, but most of what we do can be done on our smart phones. Print at the library for $.15/page.

THERE is no public transportation around except taxicab and train.

NIGHTLIFE: We are remote by design. There isn't much. Acute bar called the RED FROG is fun.

Blizzard is our extremely well behaved dog. He is HYPOALLERGENIC and flea free. Please give him time to warm up to you, don't just try to pet him.

IF YOU SMOKE ANY SUBSTANCE, AT ANY TIME, PLEASE DON'T ASK TO STAY HERE. ANY evidence of smoking, results in a minimum of $150 retained from your deposit. This is our home, and we wish not to be made uncomfortable. True nonsmokers should not have a problem.

A $100-250 security deposit will be held per room, and unless there is damage, extreme dirtiness or SMOKING, it is fully refundable. We want to give it ALL back! Lately we have had problems with NON-RELATED groups leaving our home particularly dirty, and/or smoking. They have used singles stars without written reviews, to retaliate, when their full deposit was not returned. We must stay on property (in our "Cabinette") during use of the main house by unrelated parties. Our furniture is from Jamie's parents home and was reclaimed recently from a family member. Jamie's parents built the couch from scratch. They are sentimental, but worn. They are covered for now, while we figure everything out upholstery.


*the bison was humanely put down by a family member and all of the meat consumed, by our extended family.

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