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At MyTwinPlace we take security very seriously. We are committed to creating a global network of travelers connected by a safe system. We believe, trust is the key to stress-free traveling. That is why we offer universal protection with all the bases covered.

That’s exactly why we created the MyTwinPlace Insurance.


How does it work?

The MyTwinPlace Insurance, created exclusively for MyTwinPlace members, lets you exchange nights in your space, when traveling and hosting, without any reason to worry about house damages or trip cancellations.


Does it cover every reservation?

Yes. The MyTwinPlace Insurance is the crowning glory of the numerous benefits MyTwinPlace members enjoy and, therefore, is included in our service fee at no additional cost.

Therefore, you’ll be covered from the moment the dates of your stay have been confirmed and the service fee has been paid.


What countries does the insurance cover?

Our MyTwinPlace Insurance service offers a global coverage, unique in the home swap market, as well as the various additional guarantees (with no geographical stipulation) that usually exist in the classic insurance plans.

Home insurance and legal liability differ greatly from country to country and between insurance firms, so here at MyTwinPlace we wanted to offer some complimentary guarantees to make sure you enjoy your nights exchange with peace of mind.


Which insurance firm offers the coverage?

The MyTwinPlace Insurance is managed by AXA Assistance, a company specializing in the provision of assistance. One of the leading forces in the travel sector, they have a global presence that renders them capable of offering assistance in up to 200 different countries.


Why is it important to be covered when traveling?

You might think that insurance is not necessary while exchanging nights, but you should keep in mind that although you may have house insurance, you do not know if the other party is liable to pay for damages to your house. You also may not know exactly what is covered (or not) by your insurance plan, or how much the company will reimburse you for potential damages to your residence. But, with MyTwinPlace, you know upfront that every house is insured.

In addition, you will not be cheated out of your holiday if the other party is unavailable to host you due to an unforeseen problem. The insurance offers you coverage even in the case of trip cancellation.


New! Why do I need cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance is a complementary service for MyTwinPlace travelers. We want you to enjoy your vacation no matter what. This is why we offer cancellation insurance with AXA Assistance at a cost of only €1 per night per guest.

To guarantee your peace of mind and make sure that neither you nor your travel companions have to say goodbye to your vacation if the other party is not available to host you.

Incidental Damages covered by our insurance:

What happens if the guest accidentally breaks your kettle during the stay? How do you know if the insurance covers the damages?

Don’t worry; with  MyTwinPlace Insurance any damage to furniture or electro domestics in your house is covered. You’ll be reimbursed for any material damages, so long as they’re accidental, with a limit of €3000 per booking and €500 per item. There is no insurance excess.


Is it important that my insurance plan doesn’t include insurance excess?

Yes, as in the majority of cases, furniture and electro domestic damage tends to run into small amounts and, generally, is excluded under standard insurance plans. Therefore, good faith is necessary for the responsible party to reimburse the money necessary for the repair.


What happens if the other party cancels the trip at the last moment due to an unforeseen circumstance, and I already bought my plane tickets?

Don’t worry, if your host cancels your booking before take-off due to some unforeseen circumstance, such as illness or pregnancy, the complete costs of cancelling your plane tickets will be entirely returned to you, up to a limit of €8000. So in this event you will be covered against this cancellation of your trip by your cancellation insurance. Of course, we will always try to find you alternative accommodation!


Upon arriving at my destination I can’t find the house: it seems that the address doesn’t exist. What do I do? Where do I stay?

In the case of the stay being impossible to carry out as the property does not exist, or the keys are not delivered, you will be reimbursed for the costs of renting another residence or hotel, with a maximum limit of €150 per night and up to €1500 in total. Reservation non-fulfilment because the listed home does not exist is an extreme case and, despite the fact that verify all members of our platform, would also be covered by cancellation insurance.


I will be staying in a house and upon arriving at my destination I find that the photos and description do not match the residence advertised? What happens if water is cut off during the stay and the landlord doesn’t manage to fix the problem while I am there?

In the treatment of cases in which substantial differences exist between the actual residence and that described in the website, you will be reimbursed with the cost of renting another residence or hotel, with a maximum limit of €150 per night and up to €1500 in total.


If you wish for any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

Additionally, you should know that upon confirming a booking accommodation, you will receive a document detailing all of the guarantees that the MyTwinPlace Insurance service will provide you with during your travels.



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