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Easily import now all the data from your listing on any of the main home rental websites.

Make the most of your space and host MyTwinPlace members when it is not rented! You will earn travel credit points to stay for free in homes that are part of the community.



In just 1 click

If your space is already listed on any online rental website, you can import it to MyTwinPlace in just 1 click. You just need to add your listing’s URL and all the information and reviews will be uploaded onto MyTwinPlace in a few seconds. Bye bye to never-ending forms!



From home rental websites

MyTwinPlace allows you to import home listings from the 10 most popular online rental websites in the world.



Create all the listings you want

Why would you list just one space? If you own more than one property or an extra room in your home, keep going! Create listings for all of them easily and quickly, and under the same account. You will be able to make any changes you want once the advert is created.


Continuous synchronization

Your MyTwinPlace profile will be updated with any changes made to your listings. Your photos, descriptions, reviews and even the calendar will be updated so that you don’t have to think about it anymore.

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