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  1. Join us and complete your profile. Signing up on MyTwinPlace is easy and completely free. Join us, introduce yourself to the community and get your first points to book your stay.
  2. Search and contact other members. Filter your search by type of destination, place and dates and let the available houses inspire you to travel. Contact other members to book your stay with travel points.
  3. Host travelers and earn more points. Keep your calendar up to date and host travelers form the community in your house.

Yes, signing in and listing your home on MyTwinPlace is completely free. In fact, you can publish as many homes as you want. If you already have your home listed elsewhere, on Airbnb or HomeAway for instance, you can do this in just one click.

  • NEW! Travel inspiration: let us inspire you with the new home Exchange search TRIP FINDER. Tell us a destination type, the place you want to discover and dates and we’ll suggest houses in different destinations.
  • Points system:earn travel credit points by hosting travelers when your space is available.
  • Unlimited listings:add all the spaces you want.
  • Instant publishing:your listing will be ready in just one click.
  • Direct messages:interact with all our members with no limits.
  • Support:help and assistance from MyTwinPlace team in 6 languages. Contact us
  • Travel Insurance:full complete home and travel insurance during your trip. Learn more.

Using MyTwinPlace to book accommodation for your travels will always be free. You can post all the houses you want and contact other members of our community Once the host has accepted your booking request, you will be asked to pay 9,99€ per night for your stay. With this payment, MyTwinPlace members receive a Travel Insurance, which covers both the host’s home and any unforeseen circumstances that may occur during your stay.

Now it’s easier than ever finding your home exchange on MyTwinPlace. The new Trip Finder allows travelers to find their ideal house by the travel experience they want. Beach, countryside or city?

Tell us a destination type, when you want to go and where you want to travel and we’ll suggest you houses in different destinations. The new search system is also ideal for adventurous travelers who are looking to discover authentic destinations and avoid touristy destinations.

We know how difficult it can be to find your dream home exchange using the traditional reciprocal home exchange model, as 3 parameters have to match: Date, destinations and type of house.

At MyTwinPlace, our mission is to maximize your travel opportunities. With this in mind we designed a unique flexible home exchange model with the help of two European economic and collaborative consumption experts, and experienced home exchangers from our community. This innovative model is based on the travel points, the coin of the community.

The main objective of the new home exchange model is to provide our community with flexibility to travel. Thanks to an innovative points system, our members host travelers in their homes to enjoy free accommodation in other houses on their trips.

Your home will have a points-per-night value. This value will be multiplied by the amount of nights that you host another member in your home. The total will be applied towards your point balance. Thus, the more you host, and the more you get to stay for free around the world!

By signing up and completing your profile, we will give you your initial points, so you can book your first stay with us.

These are some ways to earn points:

  • List your house and confirm availability
  • Invite your friends
  • Host members

Later, you can use those points earned to book accommodation wherever and whenever you want – without being restricted to a reciprocal exchange with your host. This means you don’t have to travel to a city you may not want to visit just to make the home exchange work.


If your listing has been imported with our one-click tool, the value of your house will be the same as the per-night price listed on whichever website you use. The equivalence is simple: €1 is the same as 1 point.

On the other hand, if your listing has not been imported using one-click, our system will calculate a points-per-night value for your listing on MyTwinPlace by analyzing the characteristics of your home with reference to other homes on the market. 

However, you will always be able to modify your space’s points-per-night value as you wish. For example, if you want to increase the value for the holiday season, you could change it by clicking through My Houses >Edit >Availability.


After you accept a member’s booking request for your space and you confirmed his/her stay, you will immediately have points at your disposal.

No. Only traveler members pay the insurance fee of €9.99/Night for our unique Travel Insurance provided by AXA Assistance. Read more information here.

The points you earn will be at your disposal for up to 3 years (36 months) from the day you earned them—more than enough time to travel where you want, when you want!


You have total control over this decision. This means that if you don’t want to accept a request, we will in no way oblige you to do so. Of course, if you have any doubts about the members requesting accommodation in your house, then use our internal messaging system to ask them more about themselves.

If you have confirmed a booking on MyTwinPlace to stay in a member’s house, you’ll have to keep your availability up to date and take the opportunities to host other travelers. As a precaution measure, if you keep rejecting other member’s requests having confirmed availability we will evaluate the situation and take actions, being one of the actions the possible cancellation of your stay.

If you use more points than you have in your account to stay at another member’s home, your balance will appear as negative.

It’s important to know that requested points work as a sort of “travel credit,” which you must return by hosting other members of our community when your space is available. Once you host enough to return the amount of points you owe, you will no longer have a negative balance.

The more times that you host, the more points that you will accumulate and can use to stay in the homes of other members of the MyTwinPlace community!

Planning a family holiday isn’t an easy task by any means. However, home exchange allows families with children to keep things simple and to travel for longer without having to give up any home comforts. Read more here.

The easiest and fastest way to register to MyTwinPlace is with your Facebook account, so it automatically populates most of your profile information and you get an additional check on your account. If you don’t have a Facebook profile or you don’t want to use, you can also sign to MyTwinPlace directly with your email address. In both cases you will have to provide a password that will enable you to access your MyTwinPlace account without any trouble in the future. Register and create an account at MyTwinPlace, it is totally free. Start now!

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in with your MyTwinPlace, click here. Enter the email address you normally use to access MyTwinPlace and you will receive a link to reset your password.

To edit the language of your account on MyTwinPlace, go to My Profile> Account section. You can use MyTwinPlace in English, Spanish and French.

To cancel your user account, go to My Profile> Account section and then click the red button Delete my account. Remember that space listings associated to your user account will be forever deleted from the platform and cannot be recovered. In addition, you will lose all discussions with other members in our instant messenger. If you wish, you can also hide your space listing for a period of time, maintaining your account.

In MyTwinPlace we put all our effort into creating a trusted community of people sharing. Therefore, we encourage you to complete the full profile with your personal information (name, email and phone), your best photo and a good description. Think of your profile as your letter to other members of the MyTwinPlace community and, ultimately, a true and close profile means more booking requests. Enrich your profile now and be one of our top members appearing on the first results of our searches!

Our members make MyTwinPlace what it is – a safe, friendly community where you come to stay for free on their trips. The success of our community relies on all members sharing information with each other. That’s why we encourage you to tell us about yourself and your lovely family. Explain about your interests and hobbies and do not forget to add a picture! You can read some special tips to make the most of your description here.

To complete your profile with your favorite destinations, just go to My Profile > Destinations. In this section, you can add the places you like to visit. We recommend that you do so that we can suggest the houses that best meet your preferences, especially those members who want to go to your city. If you don’t have a preferred destination, don’t worry. Just make sure to subscribe to our weeklyNewsletterwhere we publish the best homes of the week, do not miss it!

To edit your user profile, go to My Profilesection. Here you can modify your user information such as your name, email and telephone number,plus My hobbies & interests and Destinations.

To list your home you need only complete your MyTwinPlace ad in 3 simple steps: fill in the basic information, upload photos, and write a description of your home.   You can access and edit the information of your listing anytime from the My places section. If you already have your space listed on another vacation rental website, you can add it in a single click on MyTwinPlace. Find out how here.

Yes, of course you can! On MyTwinPlace you can post as much properties as you want under one account. Do it from the section My places > Add a new house or by clicking on the house icon at the top right of the page.

Please note that the photos are the best way to present to the rest of our traveling community your home, your family and yourself. It is proven that users that only have 1 picture up have only a 25% probability of realizing an exchange, while users who have uploaded more than 10 photos have a 75% chance of success. So upload the best photos of your space to host members so you can accumulate points to travel.

If you imported your listing using one-click, MyTwinPlace will update your calendar periodically so you don’t have to worry about this. If your space has not been imported using one-click, you should indicate your availability by selecting the dates on the calendar in which your house is available to host members of our community. You can modify these dates whenever you want by clicking My Homes> Edit >Availability. Your home’s availability is critical information for you and for other members of our community. It allows them to find you and request a booking—also enabling you to earn points towards free accommodation for your next trips. MyTwinPlace members have to plan their trips with time and you earn points as travel credit!

To edit your space listing, go to My houses section or click the house icon in the top right of the page. You will see that after pressing the button, you are allowed to access My houses panel from where you can manage your listings, edit and add new spaces.

Thanks to our calendar feature, it is very easy to show other members when your space is available. You can manually select the dates of availability. Or, If you used our one-click feature to import your listing, your home’s availability calendar will be immediately updated to match the availability that you had on the other website (AirBnb, HomeAway, etc.). Once you have accepted a booking request, you should not modify nor reject your night exchange agreement. Travellers always make other arrangement (flights, car reservations, activities) and if you cancel their accommodation after agreeing to go ahead it could be really painful for them financially, not to mention the annoyance and loss of trust. But we’re confident this won’t be a problem among our trusted community members.

If you want to market your space to earn points as soon as possible, do not hesitate to contact us at Give visibility to your space in our networks and in our weekly Newsletter. We also recommend that you share your listing on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. You never know if your network of friends may be interested! To activate this option, go to the Social Settings section under your listing.

Unless your lease says otherwise, in most cases, yes you can swap the space in which you live for rent. As there is no monetary transaction, exchanging nights in your space is like lend it to your friends or contacts. Anyway, we recommend checking your lease and talking to your renter to ensure that there is no inconvenience. For more information, see the post I posted on our blog about this topic.

MyTwinPlace members can hide their spaces whenever they want without having to remove the entire publication and lose your profile information and messaging activity. If you want to hide your space, you must go to My houses and mark it as Hidden. Keep in mind that during the period you have your space in stealth mode, you cannot get in touch with other members through the messaging. For a complete termination of your account, please send an email with the link of your MyTwinPlace listing and your registered email address to and we will remove it.

Most importantly, you must ensure that your profile is complete: fill in all of your profile and listing information. In addition, members who have an updated calendar will be at the top of the search results. Don’t forget about the MyTwinPlace community. Respond to all of your booking requests and decide if any of the requests interest you. If a request interests you, reach an agreement with the interested member over the details of his/her stay. If a request doesn’t interest you, simply reject the offer.

When you are using our search engine, you can select which type of house you want to see in the results, based on the terms of basic information about each property and destination. So, select the type of destination, where and when you want to travel and we will suggest houses in different destinations that match your search preferences. You can also filter your results by adjusting the position of the map, ie, zooming or moving the map to the area that interests you.

You can contact another member and request your booking by clicking the Request Booking button that you will find on his/her listing. This enables you to communicate with him/her using our secure messaging system. When someone requests a reservation or sends a message through our system, you will receive an e-mail and SMS notification.

You can only finalize a reservation after your host has accepted your booking request. Once he/she has accepted, only you can decide if you want to finalize it. You do this by paying the corresponding contribution for the nights of your stay. At that time, we will provide you with your host’s contact information and our insurance policy so that you can begin developing your travel plans with the utmost trust and confidence. In order to guarantee our members’ security and to ensure your MyTwinPlace Insurance coverage, we recommend that you always confirm and finalize your accommodation through our platform.

Now you can communicate with the community members before sending a formal booking request. Ask them about their spaces, location or, for example, the places of interest nearby. Just click on Contact, you will find the link below the user’s profile picture. Contacting the host is a great way to break the ice. What are you waiting to plan your next trip?

In the Messages section you will see all of the booking requests that you have sent and received on MyTwinPlace and their updates. There are three sections: received, sent and archived. Received requests are all of the booking requests other members of the community have sent you, including messages waiting your answer. In sent section, you will see the reservation requests you already answered. And finally, the archived section covers all of the requests you have saved clicking the File icon.

When you add a space to your favorites, you are letting another member know that you like his/her home and that you could be interested in staying there at some point. It is the first step towards a possible trip. Make sure you add the spaces you like to your favorite list!

None, MyTwinPlace safety comes first. We never disclose your personal information to any member and your full name nor your address or phone number will not be published. The only thing available is the description of your house, your first name and the pictures you choose to submit. Our members are contacted through an internal messaging system, so no one has access to your email address. Therefore you have control of the situation and you can decide whether or not you want to communicate with other members.

To make your experience as pleasant and safe as possible, it is essential that you communicate only through our platform. MyTwinPlace aims to build a traveling community based on trust among its members and to this end, we provide an easy and secure communication. Thus, MyTwinPlace offers its members detailed and verified profiles, private messaging system and the ability to mark as suspect a content that is strange. You can also contact us at to inform us in any case.

Our Travel Insurance is an exclusive advantage for MyTwinPlace members. Te community travels and hosts without having to worry about the possibility of damages to the home or cancelled trips. To maintain a trusted community the insurance is mandatory when a traveler wants to confirm a stay. Read more information here.  

In MyTwinPlace we want you to safely communicate with other members through our private messaging system. Therefore we hide any information that does not respect our terms and conditions and may violate your privacy. To guarantee security for our members, we don’t provide any personal or contact information until both the host and the guest has confirmed the stay.

On MyTwinPlace we’ve developed a review system for travelers and hosts. To keep a trusted community your experiences are the most important thing. Whether you have been a host or a guest you have to leave your review after your experience. You will receive a notification to leave your review on the last day of your stay.

To read reviews that other travelers have left about a house go to the house listing and click on the review section. If you want to read reviews of a members that hosts have left go to their user profiles.

All listings have to pass a quality control before being visible to other members. Our support team will review your house and decide whether it can be published or not. In any case, you will be notified by email and SMS before 48 hours after submitting it to revision.

Make sure you complete all the steps: add quality photos, write a brief but detailed description and add the house location.

You can email us through or call us at +44 20 3808 7326 (UK) or +1 646-893-0971 (US). We will always work to answer your query and help you as soon as we possibly can, though during our busy periods this may take up to 24 hours. Your opinion is really valuable to us, so please send us your comments, suggestions or complaints whenever you like.

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For more information check out our Cookies Policy


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