10 ways to get free accommodation around the world

/10 ways to get free accommodation around the world

10 ways to get free accommodation around the world

Traveling can be relaxing and very fun, but there is no question that it’s expensive. From flights to hotels to rental cars, trips add up fast. Here are 10 ways you can get free accommodations around the world.

  1. Couch Surfing

It might not be the most comfortable or least awkward, but an alarming amount of very generous people are out there in the world, more than happy to let you crash on their couch in exchange for some company and conversation.

  1. House Sitting

This one is perfect if it works out. Find homeowners that are going to be on their own vacations and need someone to stay and feed the dogs and water the plants. Gigs like this could score you some sweet accommodations!

  1. Volunteering

Don’t just vacation, help someone out. There are countless organizations around the world that will put you up in a hostel or motel if you volunteer for them. It gives you that extra warm feeling while still getting you away from it all.


  1. Home Swap

Own a home? Trade it to someone else for their home. Many people do this across Europe and the US. A home swap gives you the comforts of home in a strange new land, and the comfort of knowing the same thing is happening back at your place.

  1. Loyalty Points

Many business travelers know this secret. Rack up the points while you’re working and use them to stretch out a free vacation for you and a friend, or maybe just a getaway for yourself.

  1. Work Exchange

Similar to volunteering, but typically only benefiting the home owner, many people across the globe will give you housing in exchange for work. If you are handy, this might be the best way for you to get around.

  1. Camping

Yes, you typically have to pay at most camp sites, but not if it’s not a campsite. Try backpacking and staying in exotic places and sandy public beaches. You may get kicked out occasionally, but renegade camping can bring some exciting stories.

  1. Timeshare Presentations

Many timeshare scams offer a free stay as long as you listen to their presentation. If you can resist the temptation to buy in to something you can’t afford while being pressurized into doing so, then this is a great option for you!


  1. Journalism

There are a lot of publications, both in print and online, that want someone to end all over the world to do stories. Believe it or not, the lifestyle of constantly on the road is not for many people, so the demand is high, but the supply is low, giving the adventurous traveling writer quite an upper hand.

  1. Hotel Reviewer

Every hotel chain needs press and will typically launch secret shopper campaigns. They will comp a stay at their properties and all you have to do is tell them about your experience. This is the ultimate way to stay!


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